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Working from his Harley Street clinic in London, John has helped thousands of people over the years to regain their health and vitality. Regaining health however is only part of the process, maintaining it requires regular focus and attention, which is often neglected due to the many distractions we have in the busy lives we lead.

John has therefore developed a group treatment program to help those that are unable to travel, don’t have the time, or cannot financially afford to see an energy/chakra healing therapist.  We all focus so much on a good diet and exercise, but these are only part of a healthy lifestyle. No matter how much you focus on the physical aspects, if you neglect your emotional and spiritual well-being, you will find it extremely difficult to obtain true health and happiness in your life. Imagine a healing and well-being program, that gives you access to the healing energies from one of the world’s most renowned chakra and energy healers on a regular basis, at an affordable price, and without the need to travel or take time out of your day.

Well here it is, the ‘Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing Program’ that gives you 1 hour of group chakra energy healing every week for just £1 per month!

So what are the benefits?

Regular balancing of your body chakras and energy healing can help to:

  • Increase energy levels by releasing energy blockages and restoring the flow of energy throughout the body.
  • Remove negative emotional energies, and restore happiness, confidence and vibrancy, putting you back in touch with your own body.
  • Protect you from problems that can occur when your body is energetically run-down and more susceptible to illnesses creeping in.
  • Connect you with your inner self, helping you to achieve higher states of consciousness that will help you gain control of your life and the direction it takes.

How does chakra energy healing work at a distance?

Distance Healing is a technique whereby you do not have to be physically present to receive healing.  The intention to heal is sent by the healer and received by the client in an instant transmission.  The healer can then in real time access information about the client and transmit healing.  This is explained by Quantum physics, it is called the entanglement theory, when two particles of energy come into contact with each other they can then share information or mirror each other even if separated by time and space.

Albert Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance.”

This program has restored my energy & vitality.  It’s so comforting to know imbalances in my energy field are being taken care of on a regular basis.Catherine ♥

How it works…

  • When you sign-up for the program, you are asked to submit a ‘head-to-toe’ photograph of yourself.  John uses the photograph to establish an energy connection with you.
  • Using the photograph, John performs a scan of  your 7 body Chakras several times a day over a period of 3 days, and provides you with a report on his findings via email.
  • Based on your Chakra scan, you receive a personalised guided meditation created by John to help rebalance your Chakras and bring them back into alignment.
  • Every 7 days John then uses your photograph to connect to your energy field, and perform 60 minutes of remote ‘Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing’ therapy, keeping your Chakra energy system aligned and your energy bubble vibrant.

Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing Program

When you sign up to the ‘Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing Program’, you receive:

  • A full scan of your 7 body Chakras with a detailed report on findings.
  • A personalised guided Chakra meditation specific to your needs.
  • 60 minutes of remote ‘Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing’ EVERY 7 days!
  • As a member of the program you also receive a 10% discount on ‘Distance Healing Sessions’ and ‘Meditation Courses’.
  • You are free to cancel at any time should the program not work for you.

That’s 4 x 60 minute remote ‘Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing Therapy’ sessions EVERY MONTH, for just £1 per month.

That’s just £1 per month for weekly Chakra healing therapy sessions!


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