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Glenn Harrold – Best-Selling Author and Hypnotherapist

I have met many healers, light-workers and shamans over the last 20 years and John is up there with the very best of them. He has a unique gift and talent for getting to the heart of issues and healing them on an energetic level.
 His healing skills are fantastic and his generosity of spirit and warmth pervade his work. He is also very down to earth and as genuine as they come. I highly recommend his work.

Many thanks, Glenn



Edward Watson MBE – Principle dancer of the Royal Ballet

My name is Edward Watson and I am a principal dancer with the royal ballet, a position that I have held for the last 15 years. Over those years I have experienced all kinds of injuries to my body- some minor and some more serious.

This year at the age of 41, I experienced a very serious and potentially career ending injury to my plantor plate ligament in my right foot. I had been struggling and dancing through pain for several months and then the ligament finally ruptured leaving me with no option but to have surgery and to cancel the next 6 months of performances that I had been rehearsing so hard for. I was devastated, feeling old (for a dancer!) and exhausted, burnt out even.

My surgery went well, but afterwards I had a terrible reaction to the anaesthetic and also contracted a bad infection in the scar. I came to see John very low and desperate, not knowing if my body would ever heal well enough to return to dancing.

Well after my first session with John, all of my doubts disappeared. Johns gifts as a healer and the unbelievable care and kindness he showed me have completely transformed not only my injured foot but also repaired my broken spirit and confidence. The results of Johns work have been nothing short of amazing.

Laura Morera – Professional Ballet Dancer & Principle of the Royal Ballet

As a professional ballet dancer and a principle of the Royal ballet for 10 years, my career has been pretty injury free. In 2016 a big world premier was approaching which meant a lot to me. Suddenly one day I couldn’t do my work due to a pain in my left calf.

For weeks I believed it would go as quickly and randomly as it came, but I was unable to do anything. I was diagnosed with a tare in the fascia and started rehabilitation. I had time so I did not worry, but then the months went by. Physically at work I seem to have fully recovered and was able to complete every test, but I could not take one ballet step. It became a mystery to both my physiotherapists and the company doctor. Important ballets to me came and went, I missed out on a filming and the deadline for the world premier got closer and closer. Everyday I would try with my coach, but to no avail. I go to Thailand and have a retreat there that really works for me, but by now I knew time was an issue, so I searched and I found John. It was my last attempt.

I came to see him and he was such a lovely man. We had one session after which I went back to work and tried more coaching that same day, and amazingly, for the first time in months I could move! The improvement was nothing short of a miracle. I saw him a few more times and in a couple of weeks I went from not being able to do anything to running the 3 hour long ballet. When you find someone that is that intuitive, that has such a gift and that can help people in a profession like this one, where so much is based on trust, you want to make sure that everybody knows about them and this is why I am writing this.

If you are looking for a healer in the UK, if you feel lost or in pain, if nobody can give you any answers anymore, you can trust John. I truly recommend him. Thank you John for allowing me to perform in the world premier of Liam Scarlett’s Frankenstein. A very special moment in my career which thanks to you I was able to experience. There is no better testament than the fact that I am coming back again after an accident which has left me shaken emotionally and damaged physically. It is truly comforting to know that John is here to help us heal.

Yoga Magazine Try John McGrath’s Energy Healing!

Featured in the December 2016 Edition.

Transformational Therapies

John McGrath is typical of the practitioners working with energy in London in a way that feels almost supernatural.  A humble, affable Irishman, this is an energy worker who holds space in such a way that it is as if the true depths of your being can finally be seen.  Like many of the healers I encountered, his approach is an incredible combination of real deep work with a lightness that feels very down to earth.  After asking a few questions he seemed to understand on a cellular level and was able to recognise and interpret what I felt in a way that I could not even explain myself.  The healing, during which he chatted casually almost throughout, left me feeling relieved and relaxed as well as full of lightness and energy for days.

Jane Egginton


TJ Higgs – World Famous Medium

John has a “truly amazing gift” to detect and clear energy disturbances in the body which lead to physical and emotional ailments. Having felt firsthand the revitalising and uplifting change in my body energy after just one treatment with John, I would highly recommend seeing him if you are suffering from poor health.

TJ Higgs has worked on various TV Shows & Magazines, including: ‘Richard & Judy’ and ITV3’s ‘The Xtra Factor’.

Urban Buddha – Health & Well-Being Retailer

For many years we at Urban Buddha have seen therapists with a wide range of abilities. None has impressed us more than John McGrath, whose powerful energy healing has helped many people recover from long term illnesses. He has a true gift, and “we highly recommend seeing John” if you are suffering from ill health.

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Hi John,

thank you, please find my full account of what I felt during my session below;

I first heard of John years ago and watched him on a BBC show which highlighted John’s healing abilities. This stayed in my mind for so many years and I remember thinking John has truly remarkable abilities.
Having many health issues, I was searching the web and came across John’s details and recognised him immediately from his photo. Without hesitation I booked an appointment to see John.
When I met John for the first time in person, I immediately felt at ease and I did not say this to him at the time, but he emitted a white light, an aura which confirmed to me he was truly a divine individual. During my session with John I felt the pure energy used to check my chakras. I was able feel my whole spirit lifted and connect with my parents who have passed away. John was also able to make my slipped disc pain disappear during the session by simply touching my back and the energy I felt from the healing at one point made me shake. When I left my session I felt like I was able to breathe again, as if a heaviness had been lifted from my heart and spirit and I was without any physical pain. I cannot thank John enough for helping me and also for helping so many other individuals like myself who knock at his door for help. I would strongly recommend John to anyone with health issues. I have encountered John’s healing abilities first hand and cannot praise him enough for all the great work he is doing. I pray you continue your work John for many many more years.

Thank you,
(Looking forward to booking another session soon).

Love and Light,



Dear John,

I had the most amazing healing session with you. I came to you 10 months after my Mum who was my best friend and the most wonderful woman, passed away as a result of a sudden and tragic accident. In the months following her death, I developed a severe anxiety which led to panic attacks, inability to sleep, continuous feelings of worry and stress. I was unable to sleep through the night even after the most tiring day. On nights when I slept through, I was waking up in the morning exhausted.

When I arrived for my appointment with you, I was unable to speak due to anxiety and just cried in front of you but you instantly put me at ease and made me feel like I was just reconnecting with an old friend. During the session you restored the energy connection between me and my Mum who passed away. The moment it happened, I stopped crying and started laughing for the first time in months. While walking back home from your clinic I felt lighter than air – as if someone lifted 1000 kilograms off my back.

Since the appointment with you, I have been laughing and feeling the connection with my Mum again although she is physically not here. I have been sleeping really well and waking up rested. My anxiety has not returned. Thank you a million! I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. God bless.

God bless.



Dear John, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the healing that you gave me. I finally got my hospital results and all abnormal cells have returned to normal. I was delighted as you can imagine and I feel very sure that this change is due to the healing that I have received.


Dear John, I thought id just drop you a line to let you know how I got on at the eye clinic, the Dr tested my eyes again and she said that she was absolutely amazed at how improved they were. She just assumed that I had been doing her exercises very well. It would have been nice to tell her about you but as you have no doubt found out from your own experience, the medical profession are not all open minded.


Dear John, After suffering for 2 years with kidney disfunction, and undergoing several operations and various treatments to fix the problem during that time, I had almost given up hope of ever being well again. Your healing sessions did more for me in 2 weeks than the medical profession was able to do in the last 2 years. I will never forget what you have done for me and can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back. Thank you so much John.


Dear John, When I first came to see you I had been suffering for about 4 months with a pain behind my left ear on the bone. I was living on pain killers. After seeing you the pain vanished and after 3 sessions with you I no longer feel any pain or dizziness.

My advice is go and see John as soon as possible, do not suffer in silence.


Dear John, I want to thank you very much because when I came to see you I was suffering from scarring of the lungs and also had a bad bacterial infection. When I saw my consultant a week later he was truly amazed when he confirmed to me that my chest sounded clear. I feel so grateful.


Dear John, I was suffering from a lot of pain with the top of my arm and shoulder when I came to see you. Since seeing you, I have been without pain. Thank you for giving me a life without pain.


Dear John, When I made an appointment to see you I mentioned to you during my visit that I was booked into a hospital as I was suffering from double vision. Several days after seeing you my eyes were pronounced perfect by the hospital. The Doctor confirmed to me that it was definitely due to your help and assistance and said that he believes in your work.


Dear John, I went to see you John as I was having problems with my knee. I had had an operation for lack of cartridge in my knee. After a couple of sessions of intense heat I felt as if someone was twisting my knee from the inside and since then I have walked without the aid of crutches which I had had to use for three months previously. I have felt no pain or distress whilst you were working with me.

Carol O

As you know, I came to you while on a trip from the states to London because I was facing a diagnosis of cervical stenosis requiring serious surgery upon my return home. During the session, I felt myself merge with something so much larger than this physical-plane issue, it was as if all the negative energy around this diagnosis lifted. The symptoms lightened up significantly, some on the spot, more over the coming days, and I felt encouraged to seek a second opinion. When I returned back to the states, I got that second opinion. The new doctor examined the same, original MRI, but read the results completely differently, telling me that my neck/spinal cord was not in any kind of imminent danger and that surgery was not suggested or required.

I sincerely believe that the healing took place on my MRi as well as in my body, and I can’t thank you enough for your assurances that you experienced me as a healthier person than I’d been led to believe, taking into account my t’ai chi practice and other on-going meditative modalities. The healing has been emotional and spiritual as well as physical and metaphysical.

Again, thank you so much.


John, I don’t know if you will remember me because you see so many people. However I thought that I would write and say a big thank you for the help which you gave both to myself and my husband. We had suffered from infertility for many years and we were both desperate to have a baby. Sadly, for me the infertility treatment did not work but after seeing you on four occasions I became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I would also like to thank you, as indeed would my husband for all the support which you gave me during my pregnancy.


Dear John, I am writing to thank you John for helping me in my moment of need. I came to see you when I had been diagnosed with skin cancer. After seeing you for six sessions, the hospital diagnosed that the cancer had gone. I cannot thank you enough.


I previously rang you to thank you for helping me but I felt that I had to write to you to express my heartfelt thanks. I had been suffering from migraines for over ten years and nobody was able to help me. I came to see you for a few sessions and I have now not suffered from migraines for many years. Thank you so much.


Dear John, thank you with all my heart. A friend of mine told me about you and when I came to see you I was desperate. I had been diagnosed with early cancer of the cervix and I was frightened and desperate. You were very kind and understanding and you immediately put me at ease when I met you. You recognised how nervous I was of you as I had never previously had any healing and I did not know what to expect. After several healing sessions with you the hospital diagnosed that I was cancer free. You are a wonderful man and God bless you.


Dear John, I felt compelled to write to you to thank you for all the help and healing which you gave me. I came to see you because I had to have a tooth extracted and shortly after my tooth being removed I realised that I was suffering from nerve damage as a result of the pain in the left side of my face, right up into my head and the severity of the pain was unbearable to live with. After seeing you for a few weeks the pain left and never returned. I will never be able to thank you enough.


Thank you John. I am writing to you to let you know that I will never forget the healing and also the help and support which you provided to me during a difficult time as a result of being diagnosed with cancer of the prostrate. The healing and energy work which you did on me and for me cleared the cancer for which I will be eternally grateful.


How can I ever thank you for healing me. I had a severe cancer growth on my face and had suffered from it for some time. I know that this will probably sound bizzare but one night I put a photograph of you under my pillow. The following morning when I woke up my pillow was covered in blood but the cancer growth had gone and despite the fact that this was over ten years ago it has never returned.


A friend of a friend told me about you and I contacted you because I was desperate. In a simple accident, whilst carrying a pot of tea upstairs I stumbled and fell. Whilst falling in a reflex action I held the teapot closely to my chest which resulted in severe burns on my chest and right arm and shoulder. I also suffered a head injury which required stitches. I was unable to travel to see you and I asked you to do so distance healing on me After you worked on me on a couple of occasions when I attended at the hospital they were amazed to see that my burns had healed to quickly and also the injury on my head. Thank you.

Desmond W

I hope that you will remember me. I was electrocuted at the age of 5 years whilst playing at home. It damaged my nervous system and had the knock on effect of making school very difficult for me. I was always very nervous and agitated, particularly at school and it carried on into my adult life. I was all over the place. I experienced what I can only describe as energy rushes. They were so strong I was on a constant high and then I would burn out.

In desperation I turned to Tai Chi, Chi Gung and Martial Arts. I travelled to Taiwan to see if I get could any help or relieve there, only to be told that a lot of my organs were damaged, as a result of being electrocuted. I did receive some help there, but it was only temporary. I still had the bursts of energy coursing through me, and once again I was all over the place and I felt completely out of balance. I also found it very hard to maintain relationships and I was beginning to feel pretty desperate, particularly as I had to spend about two to three hours every day in the gym trying to use up the energy which was destroying me. Even after putting in three hours in the gym I would only get a couple of hours sleep and then it would start all over again. In truth I was losing the will to live. Then, my girlfriend told me about you and I came to see you. To be honest I did not know what to expect. I was amazed at what you did for me. It is now twelve months since I came to see you. I am a new person who now knows what it is like to feel calm. I am now in my 40’s and I had been suffering from the age of five. I feel like a new person and I finally feel grounded. Thank you John you are truly blessed with your ability to heal. The energy work and the healing work which you did with me is something I will never forget. I am truly grateful.


Message for John McGrath. Hopefully you will remember me, my mother paid for 3 sessions with you and I was the person who left her purse behind. Well I promised to let you know how I got on. My first ultra sound scan showed me riddled with cysts etc. and my blood count indicated I could have cancer cells. I visited yourself then two weeks later I had a MRI scan. This showed 2 small endometriosis cysts. My blood test results still came back showing possible cancer cells. About 3 weeks after the MRI scan I had another ultra sound scan. This came back absolutely clear with nothing showing that shouldn’t be there. My blood test came back totally normal. What can I say other than you are amazing. Within my heart of hearts I believe the 3 sessions with you helped get rid of my cysts and anything else lurking.

Thank you so very much. Melanie x

Patricia B

Dear John, I came to see you about six months which a pain in my breast. I just wanted to say thank you as since I came to see you I am very happy, as I have had no further pain in my breast. I would find it impossible to try to explain to you how relieved and happy I am. Once again, I just want to say a very special thank you for a very special person.

Hope you are well.

Kim P

Hi John

I don’t know how or where to begin. I can only say that my life has changed in a way I could never have thought possible because I thought that I could never recover from the physical and emotional mess I was in. Also, the intense anxiety which I had had for some time has truly gone and for the first time in a very long time, thanks to you, I am actually ok now. I wish I could elaborate more. But with your healing I am now back to the person I once was, but even stronger. I have tears as I write this but I can never forget what you have done and am forever grateful.

My son is also a changed boy since you healed his knee. Before we came to see you, on hospital advice, he couldn’t participate in any sports or run around. Now he is a confident boy, who has just completed one of his karate grading’s and he is also stronger in mind too. You are amazing.

Thank you again.

Peter W

Hi John

Just a short note to say thank you. You may not remember me but I came to see you about nine months ago because I was suffering from insomnia and had done so for years. I did not tell you when I came to see you that I also had a heart condition. After coming to see you the insomnia went, as did my heart condition even though we did not even discuss it. Thank you does not seem enough, but thank you anyway.


Peter W.

Rose C

Hi John

I hope you are well. You may not remember me, but I saw you earlier this year and you helped me with anxiety and also my fear of public speaking, which as you know is part of my job. I now have no fear whatsoever when I do my presentations, I couldn’t feel nervous if I tried! Absolutely miraculous, the fear has gone. Before coming to see you, I had tried everything else! Any anxiety which I had feels like a thing of the past. You are amazing and I just wanted to give you my heartfelt thanks.


Thank you so much for seeing me. When I came to see you I felt very unbalanced which was affecting my walking and my speech. I also felt dizzy sometimes and also felt stiff and achy. You gave me a very special healing which indeed opened my emotional centres, but everything made sense and it put lots into perspective. I felt overwhelmed – in a good way I might add – as it felt like all the people I had been reading about/researching, were there to greet me! All of a sudden I didn’t feel quite so “on my own”. When you were healing I felt a sense of immense peace and stillness from my head to my heart.

You were right when you said everything happens for a reason, and I thank the universe for sending me to you for I truly believe you can help unravel me and advise me as to the right path. I am so grateful to you and look forward to seeing you soon.

With love and light


Hi John

This is my attempt to put into words what I experienced in our last healing session.

First i visualised the base chakra as a bright red spinning sphere. Moving on to the next one orange, again as a bright spinning sphere When you asked me to think about my physical condition the brightness dulled slightly showed signs of a grey to black decay on the left of the shere. Solar plexus was bright sunshine yellow and stayed strong. Heart chakra appeared as a green moving shape, somewhat like an ameoba but pulsating and restless. Throat chakra was deep blue resembling lapis lazuli. Third eye was a bright while light like a torch beaming out. The crown chakra appeared white and after a short while i felt like the top of my head was opening up gracefully as a peaceful feeling ensued…….

As I lay there I saw several pairs of golden hands hovering above my body.They were not attached to anything but appeared on either side of my body radiating healing.

Then there were shapes which formed into faces all around me. White. At first all I could see were the faces which appeared to be unattached to anything. Then I realized they were angels and they were gently blowing life force into my body.

I felt/sensed a message that all was very well and that it is safe for me to stay here on this physical plane. That this is where I am meant to be.

Sorry if this sounds a bit nutty John, It feels like words cannot do justice to what I experienced and so it has been difficult to express,

Love, light and heartfelt thanks


Dear John,

You have magic hands; cannot thank you enough for helping me to heal the past 15 years of my toxic life and put my focus on the right direction. For the past few months after receiving the treatment, I feel my body light and chronic back pain is reduced and I am more comfortable with physical activity. I am learning more spiritually and feeling good.

God bless you.



This is not your normal testimonial but a dream I had the day before I was to meet John for the first time. I’m not in the habit of writing my dreams down but I did for this one.

The dream started with me being on a healing course that John was conducting. There were 3 of us and we all went to bed and John said we were to be up by 7.30am for breakfast but something happened to make us late so I ran through and demolished a wall only to be met by John who said just relax this is your nervous energy coming out. I then quickly rebuilt the wall.

We all then had breakfast and it was my turn for my treatment. There was this cloth out in front of me and the cloth was all crinkled, pretty horrible to look at with black patterns and made from a cheap material. It was writhing and flapping wildly. John then came and took the energy or entity out of the cloth and the cloth became this beautiful oriental carpet of reds and browns and swirling gold patterns. The carpet was still and not moving. Then the living entity or energy tried to return to the carpet and the carpet started to shake and writh. John then pulled the energy or entity back and wrestled with it under a white duvet. It was quite a battle he was having but my carpet stayed still.

Throughout witnessing all this I wasn’t afraid or angry or nervous. I then woke up feeling calm and wrote down the dream.

My treatment with John was actually very similar to the dream and I felt great and at peace at the end of it.



I just wanted to say that I had the complete and profound pleasure of talking to and receiving distance healing from John a few days ago.
He is such a Genuine and kind person and really made me feel at ease.
After my first session I was AMAZED by how effective the healing was considering it was a distance healing which John did via a phone call and a picture of me .
I honestly can’t believe how much better I feel, thanks to John I have regained a peace I haven’t felt in years.

God bless you John
Can’t thank you enough.


Dear John, words can’t describe how grateful I am to you! As you already know, the doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to recover without very aggressive treatment, but after only couple of months I could do it, I am healthy, and I did it with your help! How grateful I am for the healing sessions, both in-person and distant! And I’m also so thankful for your meditations! They are absolutely incredible! I highly recommend John’s mediations to everyone! You get to the root cause of the problem, to the very essence of it, and there is something magical about your voice. And you have this magic in and around you! Not only you are an incredible healer but also a fantastic person! I am so lucky to have met you! Thank you!


During lockdown I had quite a few sessions with John, note the quite a few! It works so brilliantly remotely. John’s ability to see into the body is unsurpassed, I’m a healer myself and simpler have no idea how he does it! He is so calm, so understanding, so aware, nothing fazes him and he sees EVERYTHING, even over FaceTime. In many ways it is more relaxing having remote sessions, you can be in your pjs at home, have your hour with John then go back to whatever you were doing with battling traffic and the underground. I really cannot recommend it more highly. Oh and by the way – it works!


Dear John, I tried your recording for the first time this morning. It’s also my first experience of meditation. I feel unbelievably at peace and connected, and I cannot thank you enough. I also feel the positivity surrounding me since the day we talked. With lots of love and light from France.