John McGrath Chakra Healer & Reiki Therapist

Registered Member of:

  • British Member Register of Complimentary Practitioners (MBRCP)
  • Institute of Complimentary & Natural Medicine (ICNM)
  • Complimentary Therapists Association (CTHA)
  • Traditional Usui Reiki Lineage

For almost 20 years John Mcgrath has used his healing gift to help others overcome physical and emotional problems. He has a special gift of being able to detect the location of blockages and negative energy patterns within the body’s energy field and chakras. Once detected, John is able to change this energy pattern by channelling a positive healing energy through his body and out of his hands. This re-balances the body’s energy field and chakras, and restores the natural flow of energy running throughout the body.


More About John:

Born in Cork in Southern Ireland, John’s work as a healer has featured heavily in the press over the years. His astounding results with patients suffering from various physical and emotional ailments has led to his own column in the Daily Mirror newspaper, and features in several high profile magazines including GQ, Best and Now. John has also discussed and demonstrated his healing gift in front a live TV audience during his appearance on the Esther Rantzen show in the late 90’s.

Thousands including those of celebrity and royal status travel hundreds of miles just to see John and experience first-hand his powerful healing gift. He’s been described as a phenomenon in the world of energy healing, a statement backed by some astounding success stories and testimonials.

John sharing some of his patient’s experiences in a recent interview:

“A young woman came to see me the other day because the cartilage in her right knee hadn’t grown. She had been on crutches all her life. I ran my hands above the knee and she felt intense heat and a slight pain. Then, in the middle of that same night, she experienced a sudden, peculiar jolt and all the pain left her. She never had to use crutches again.”

“There was another woman, the wife of a racehorse trainer, who had been suffering from intense migraines for 30 years. After just three sessions with me she was completely cured.”

“When Paul Faulkner came to see me he had no sense of smell or taste and had been suffering with constant chest problems. He now has his sense of smell and taste back and his chest problems have cleared up.”

“I also remember a lovely lady, Sharon, who’d been suffering from panic attacks about driving for the last seven years. If she tried to drive a car she became completely distressed, but after the healing she is now able to drive herself and is free from the panic attacks.”

A patient of John McGrath healer describing her experience:

“My premenstrual migraines were so bad they made my nose and jaw ache. Even painkillers didn’t help. Then I read an article about the healer John Mcgrath. I was so desperate for help, my Mum Violet looked up his number and booked an appointment for me straight away. John asked me to lie down whilst he scanned my energy field. He then hovered his hands over my head, and I felt as if something was being drawn out of it. After three sessions with John I feel so much better, and since the last one have not had a single migraine.” Georgina Firth, Essex.

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John’s Healing Clinic:

John currently runs his practice from the world renowned Hale Clinic in Harley Street London, having been invited by the Clinic’s founder who had long read about John’s success stories. The Hale Clinic was officially opened by H.R.H The Prince of Wales in 1998, and is focused on combining and integrating the principles of conventional and complementary medicine, on the basis that no one system has the whole answer to every medical problem. Located in the City of Westminster London, the Hale Clinic is easily accessible by car, train and tube. The Clinic provides a peaceful and tranquil environment for John’s energy healing work and meditation courses.

John is a long term member of the Self Realisation Fellowship, and has dedicated his life to the study and training in several forms of energy based healing practices and meditation. These include:

Bio Energy Healing It is scientifically established that the human body and other living beings are surrounded by a bio-electromagnetic field, which is the electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic field produced by living cells, tissues or organisms. Bio-Energy Healing is a complementary treatment which employs natural methods such as hands on/hands off techniques to access the body’s bio-electromagnetic system to stimulate repair and regeneration.

Chakra Healing A chakra is a centre of energy found in the etheric body that directly relates to a location within the physical body. Their location in the physical body ties them specifically to certain organs and glands, and when they become imbalanced or blocked it can adversely affect you both physically and emotionally. Chakra healing is the process of opening and re-balancing the seven chakras within the body, thereby clearing any clogged or blocked chakras and allowing energy to flow freely into the physical body.

Reiki Healing Reiki is primarily perceived as a practice for Healing the body, but it is also a method for healing the mind and spirit. Ultimately, reiki has the power to reunite the trinity of Mind – Body – Spirit in their optimal state of Harmony. All of us need to start the process of returning to that state of Harmony.

Reconnective Healing Reconnective Healing is often a life-changing experience that uses the light and information exchange of the energy body to renew the human body, mind, and spirit. Thus, the effects of a healing session may be felt on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.